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04-02-2018 8:00 am - 04-06-2018 5:00 pm
Gaidar St, Almaty, Kazakhstan

This course provides an introduction to Microseismic qualitative interpretation methods. Using theory, publications, examples, and case histories the audience is introduced to engineering objectives of microseismic monitoring projects.

The interpretation of microseismic events is expanded to include Microseismic data yields information that can be used to calibrate hydraulic fracture models in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

The value of microseismic data is fully realized when it is part of an integrated workflow where the measurements are used to calibrate fracture modeling and ultimately to production forecasting.microseismic event source parameters, source wave radiation patterns, and amplitude ratios. Case histories are presented to demonstrate the importance of these microseismic event properties in interpretations and how they can be correlated to fracture treatment data.

There are a variety of objectives for microseismic monitoring projects that extend beyond the description of hydraulic fracture geometry to include comparative studies of different completion and stimulation treatment designs for field development planning. The examples show how microseismic data can be used in a variety of common project objectives, and limitations to such interpretations.

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